Gasunie hydrogen pipeline between Dow and Yara operational


  • Hydrogen transport between Dow Benelux and Yara has commenced
  • First Gasunie transport pipeline has been made suitable for hydrogen transport
  • Decrease in energy consumption: 0.15 PJ per year; approximately the annual gas consumption of 3,000 households. 10,000 tonnes of CO2 saved

Gasunie hydrogen pipeline to link up Dow and Yara


  • Agreements signed for a hydrogen pipeline following the Green Deal on Hydrogen for the region
  • Yara to receive hydrogen from Dow Benelux for industrial use thanks to Gasunie’s transport pipeline
  • As well as cutting energy consumption, the hydrogen pipeline will save 10,000 tonnes of CO2
  • Successful industrial sustainable growth partnership as part of the Smart Delta Resources platform

Green Deal: hydrogen transport through Gasunie network makes industry in Zeelandic Flanders stronger and more sustainable


  • First successful green industrial growth partnership within the Smart Delta Resources platform
  • Gas infrastructure is the key to making industry more sustainable
  • Hydrogen infrastructure could cut carbon emissions on roughly the same scale as the heating demand in a town like Terneuzen

Dow Benelux, Yara and ICL-IP intend to share hydrogen for industrial purposes through Gasunie Transport Services’ national gas transport network. Underground transport through the gas network is a sustainable, efficient and safe way of transporting hydrogen. Henk Kamp, Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, signed the Green Deal on Hydrogen for the region with the stakeholders today to endorse their intention.  

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